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Intimate Bleaching for Men

It’s been an LA trend for quite some time. Now Intimate Bleaching for Men has become pretty popular and available on the East Coast, and Anu Day Spa for Men is proud to be the first spa to offer this service for men in the Metro Atlanta area.

Intimate Bleaching for Men consists of a series of professional body bleaching treatments in combination with a pre-conditioning regimen and post-treatment care. Intimate Bleaching is the right treatment for clients who are prone to hyperpigmentation in their intimate areas and are looking for a results-driven treatment that will provide an even skin tone. At Anu Day Spa for Men our Intimate Bleaching system targets discoloration in intimate areas of the body, as well as the under arms, inner thighs, elbows and knees.

Intimate Bleaching for Men

The initial consultation is Free

Inner Thighs      $ 200 + pre-post products

Anus                   $ 200 + pre-post products

Perineum           $ 200 + pre-post products

Inter-gluteal      $ 200 + pre-post products

Elbows                $ 150 + pre-post products

Knees                  $ 150 + pre-post products

Underarms         $ 200 + pre-post products

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